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Vegas Craps

The bright lights, 24 hours a day gambling, more casino games than you could ever play, the lure of playing in Las Vegas is one which draws in millions of punters each year to this gambling mecca, however you should always bare in mind that most people will leave sin city with less money than they went with!

So if you are planning a visit to Las Vegas then it can often pay dividends for you to ensure you have a good strategy in place to make sure you do not run out of money in the first day or two of your visit, and in this section of the website we shall take a look at playing Craps in Vegas.

As you may or may not know Las Vegas is more or less split into two parts, first we have the Las Vegas Strip which boasts some of the biggest and most impressive casinos, then we have what is known as the Downtown area of Vegas which is the original part of this city.

The savvy gamblers know that there can be better value had in the Downtown district more so if they are planning on playing Craps, so carry on reading and we will give you several pointers that may help you increase your chances of having more winning sessions, or if not winning ones more value for money ones!

Making Your Bankroll Go Further

Making your bankroll last is going to be critical if you want to have plenty of fun and games in Vegas and we shall now take a look at some brilliant ways in which you can make your money go further.

The first thing you should do when you have got your rooms keys and have unloaded your luggage into your room is go for a walk outside, the first few hours of your vacation should be aimed at trying to accumulate as many coupons as you can, these are given away freely by casinos and companies and come packed with all manner of money off deals which will play a major part in making your budget last the duration.

Make sure you venture into as many casinos as you can and checkout what little extras they are offering for new members of that particular casinos comp club, you can often find free Craps money match coupons and even free play vouchers that will enable you to play for free but actually win some real cash.

Once you have amassed pocket fulls of coupons and signed up to the comp clubs then take some time out to study what offers are available and try and plan a gambling timetable, allocate yourself a budget to each session you play and make your you set yourself a win goal and a stop loss limit, no one likes running out of money in Vegas!

Playing Craps In Vegas

If you have always wanted to play Vegas Craps but are a little unsure of how to play then fear not as most land based casinos will run a Craps school at the quieter times of day, here the casino employees will show you everything there is to know about playing Craps and show you how to place your wagers and what the payoffs are.

You need to be aware that playing Craps in any land based casino more so in Las Vegas can be quite a wake up call, in as much as it is a team game and there is plenty of action, shouting and camaraderie with your fellow players and the casino staff.

As long as you enjoy the experience you will be fine, and don't forget that each player takes a turn to be the Shooter in Craps, however you do not need to roll the dice if you don't fancy it, simply refuse politely if you don't want the task and the next player in line will take on the roll.

As we mentioned earlier there can be a huge difference in the payout odds you will get as they vary from casino to casino and if you want the maximum value it can pay dividends to head Downtown and play there as they have some of the best payouts found anywhere in Vegas.

Make sure you hand your comp club card to the dealer before you start to play as by doing just that you will start earning those comp points from the second you start to wager, and this is a great way to get plenty of little extras such as free meals, cash and even get your hotel rooms for free.

Play For Free

The best way to get plenty of practise in before you play Vegas Craps is for you to play online, all of our featured online casinos will let you play their Craps games completely free of charge all you need to do is register as a new player then log in as a guest and you can get plenty of practise in before you go.

Remember that all of the casino employees found around the Craps table are there to help you so if you have any questions what so ever then do not be afraid to ask, they want you to have as much fun playing Craps as you can and will be only too happy to help with any questions you may have.

Enjoy Yourself

The aim of the game of Craps apart of course from trying to win as much as you can is to have plenty of entertainment when playing it, however always make sure you know your limits and don't go too mad when playing the game.

Never play when you are tired or drunk as this is when you will make bad decisions which can cost you dearly!. Enjoy playing Craps and if you do actually have a winning streak then always try and walk away with some of those winnings in your pocket, if nothing else they will at least pay for your next session or two!

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