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Craps Tournaments

Craps tournaments are extremely popular in live casinos and are also now beginning to increase in popularity online. How the craps tournament works is as follows; each participant pays a single buy-in amount and is then awarded a set amount of chips. All players begin with an equal amount of chips to make the tournament fair. This means that players with smaller bankrolls can enjoy the game playing with larger chips than usual, bringing added enjoyment to the game. Like table games, the tournament will be subject to minimum and maximum bet amount which have to be adhered to.

Craps tournament players are also awarded a specific amount of time to play, and they play against the casino in the usual manner with the intention of amassing the biggest bankroll. They offer value for money as players that amass decent winnings can enjoy lots of time at the tables, with the promise of a generous prize, without adding another penny from their own pocket. Tournaments are also a fun option as although the games are played in the usual format against the casino, the players are actually competing against one another. Player bankrolls are compared and a leader board is shown displaying the chip stack amounts. Those with the winning craps tournament strategies and the highest chip stacks win the prizes.

The prize money of the tournament is dependant upon the amount of players that enter. Tournaments are a worthwhile investment as they are not just limited to paying the person that finishes in first place but will pay the stated number of top players. And in addition, the prize money will be greater than any amount that can be won at the table for the same amount of time using the buy-in amount as stake. However, craps tournaments are not easy to conquer despite the benefits mentioned above. The games still require deep concentration and dedication, though the atmosphere is more jovial than other casino tournaments such as poker. Experienced players will have inevitable have the edge over inexperienced players and so it pays for players to do their homework.

There is a variety of craps tournament strategies that can be found online and in publications. These should be studied carefully, and followed consistently if they are to assist any player’s game. Strategies are devised to be followed the same way in every game. They use mathematical equations to determine strict moves, and any deviations will ruin results. The main focus of each strategy is money management. Players need to double up their bankroll early so that they can increase their bet amounts. Flat betting on low risk bets will not amass the profits required to win a craps tournament. Once a tournament player hits a win, they need to increase their bet as this offers little risk to their bankroll but will ake a great improvement if successful.


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