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Top Craps Tips

Top Tip 1: Understand The Rules

This may sound obvious but the lure of the craps table and the bustling action leads many unsuspecting newcomers to the tables without an inkling of how to play. Follow a simple step by step guide, learn the bets, and practice in a free money version first to make sure you fully understand. Once you definitely know what you’re doing, it’s time to play!

Top Tip 2: Create a Strategy

There are many pages of advice with regards to craps strategy both online and offline. The secret is to try some of the ideas, preferably in a free money environment, and then select those that suit your aims and your playing needs. Eliminate any tactics that do not work for you, as these will hinder your game. Craps is a game of flair as well as chance, and so you need to be confident with your betting patterns.

Top Tip 3: Try Insurance

Insurance is the name given to the act of placing bets simultaneously so that they balance each other out in terms of loss. This means betting smartly to minimize the potential risk. For instance, there is no point placing a Pass Line bet with a Don’t Pass bet, as the outcomes have the opposite effect and so you would not make any money. However, placing a multiple roll bet such as a Come bet alongside a higher paying Any Seven bet could prove more lucrative.

Top Tip 4: Manage Your Money

Gambling is about having fun and making money, but as the old saying goes you need to speculate to accumulate. This does not mean, however, placing all your money on a single high risk bet and hoping for the best. You should only ever play with the amount that you can afford. To keep better control of your money, split the amount you are willing to play with into the number of sessions you want to enjoy. This will ensure you get more playing tome for your money and also remain aware of how much you are spending.

Top Tip 5: Set Yourself Goals

Having a goal is the key to success as otherwise you have nothing to measure it by. Set yourself a goal and then stick to it. Whether the goal is to win a craps tournament, to head up a leader board online, or to simply make some money, your goal should reflect how you play. if you want to win a tournament, there Is no point playing table games. If you want to make money, low stake tables will probably not meet your requirements. After you have finished playing, analyze your betting patterns and evaluate whether they matched what you want in the long term from your craps game.


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