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An Introduction to the Craps Table

All casino tables display the same craps table layout. This uniformity makes it easy for a player to enjoy the game. Any craps player can learn the game anywhere and then transfer the knowledge to any venue that they choose. This includes using their knowledge to play online.

The craps table is made up several components. Firstly, there is the puck which is a small disc which has the words ON and OFF written on it on opposite sides. The puck shows the status of the game and signals whether a craps betting round is about to start or is in play. When the puck is OFF the next roll is the Come Out roll. If the puck is ON it will be above a number on the table and shows a betting round is in progress.

There will be two dice which are rolled by a shooter. Obviously this is not required online as the rolls are generated automatically. The dice are rolled along the craps table; against a backboard. The total of the upwards facing dice faces determine the outcome of the bets. The shooter is a player at the table, and continues their role for a whole betting round. Once the round is complete the responsibility will pass onto the next player in a clockwise direction.

All bets are clearly marked on the craps table layout and these guide the player with regards to their options. To place a bet, a chip is placed in the desired table area. The table is duplicated with the same bets repeated on either side. This is so that many people can fit around the table and enjoy the game. The only difference with online tables is that as they do not have to physically fit people around the table, they only need to show the table at half its size. It has no need to repeat the bets. The bets are written in a self explanatory way such as “Any 7” which bets that the next roll of the dice will be a combination adding up to 7.

The least recognisable section is the point or place numbers section. This is visible across the top of the table and comprises of the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10. If a puck is above one of these numbers then this signifies that the Don’t Pass bets will lose if this number is now rolled, whereas the Pass Line bets will win if this number is rolled. If chips are placed on the number then these are Come bets which require the number to be rolled to win. Chips placed in the box above the number signify Don’t Come bets which will lose if the number is rolled.

An interesting feature of the craps layout is that live casinos will have two dealers. This is because of the size of the table and also the complicated amount of bets that can be placed. Many multiple roll bets can cross over into the next bet round if they are undecided and these can be difficult to keep track of. Again, this is a feature not seen online as the dealer is virtual.


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