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Craps Systems

The age old question of gambling systems and do they really work has been at the forefront of every gamblers mind at one time or another, and whilst it is fair to say that in the hundreds of years that gambling has been going on, no one has ever come up with a sure fire way of beating the house, many people have tried, and many people have been successful in the short term, however as all gambling games have a house edge it is impossible to overcome this in the long term.

In this section of the Craps Fan website we shall take a closer look at a few of the more commonly known Craps systems, and will dissect each one to get a better understanding of the mathematics behind the system and to see if it indeed is worth trying or whether it should be left well alone! Never forget that if you come across any website selling you a guaranteed winning Craps system then that site is a scam and the soul aim of such sites is to part the uneducated from their hard earned cash, so never be tempted to pay for any system as once you receive it you will find it is useless!

Martingale Craps System

The one gambling system that most gamblers come across at one time or another is the Martingale system, and this is one of the most commonly sold systems out there. On the face of it many players will believe that it is a fairly good system to play, that is until such a time that they actually sit down and do the maths behind the system and then it will make even the most novice of gamblers want to run a mile away from it! If you have never come across the Martingale system then allow us to show you how it works and the dangers attached to using it.

In its barest form this system requires you to place a single wager on one of the even money betting opportunities will are available on the Craps table, place your first wager then watch the dice roll and if you are a winner then fabulous you have doubled your initial wager amount. However should your first wager lose then you now move onto the next part of the system and this calls for you to double the stake level you originally placed on your initial wager, so if you bet 5.00 then your next wager should your first one have lost will be 10.00.

If this second wager wins then you have made a profit as you will get a return on the 10.00 wager of 20.00 which is 10.00 paid out at odds of even money. You will have made 5.00 profit as your initial stake was 5.00 and your second stake was 10.00 resulting in a total outlay of 15.00 and a return of 20.00. However should this second wager lose then you need to move onto the next part of the system and this calls for you to double the last stake you placed on the Craps Table, so your third wager amount will be 20.00, should this wager win then you get 40.00 which after taking away the first wager of 5.00, the second wager of 10.00 and the third wager of 20.00 will once again mean you are 5.00 up.

Should this third wager lose then you have to double your last stake amount again and this process will keep on repeating until such a time that you finally get a winning roll of the dice, now people who are trying to sell this system will try and tell you that it is very rare for even money paying wagers to not be rolled in, however it is quite common for such events to happen, take the Roulette table a Red or Black set of numbers can and do regularly appear consecutively and this is where this system fails, as every losing wager calls for a doubling of you last wager, and if you have a bad run of numbers then these stakes will quickly rise to some large amounts.

Each casino whether land based or online have table stake limits on all of their Craps games and this is there to protect the house from players who use the Martingale system, eventually there will come a time after on a small set of losing numbers where you can no longer place the next bet required due to it being over the table limit, and no-one in their right mind is going to want to wager thousands of dollars simply to be in profit of just (as in our example) 5.00! So whatever you do dear reader, never be tempted to double up your wagers when you have had a losing bet, sure you can win regularly over the short term using this system but there will always come a time when that losing streak happens and it will wipe out all previous winning sessions!

Dice Control

One way of potentially winning at Craps is by being able to control the dice when you are in the roll of the shooter, and whilst this may seem impossible there are a tiny amount of people who have mastered the art.

If you have ever seen magicians doing card tricks then they can often amaze you at how they can control totally the deck of cards. Whilst using dice control is hard work and virtually impossible some people can do just that, but it takes years of practise and is never completely guaranteed!

Gamblers Fallacy

It is really down to Lady Luck whether you are going to have a winning or losing Craps session, however if you put in place a good strategy and money control system in place you will stand a better chance of having a winning session, so next time you play just keep a level head and make sure you know your limits and this also means knowing when to stop playing and cash out any profit you may have made.

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