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Craps: Basic Strategy Tips

All casinos games have an element of chance and are in favour of the house. However, by creating and maintaining simple strategies, any craps player can improve their chances of winning at craps. However, using a craps strategy or craps system is not a quick fix or a get rich quick option. In fact it requires dedication, concentration and patience. Read on if you think you have what it takes to win at craps. Unlike with blackjack, there is no set strategy that is 100% tried and tested. Therefore, the only craps strategy that will work for you is to be informed and shave the house edge as much as possible.

 Firstly, it is important that players understand the bets and stick to those that have the best odds of winning at craps. For instance, the low risk Pass Line, Don’t Pass, Come and Don’t Come bets have the lowest house advantage at less than 1.5% each. This means they are more likely to be successful. The worst bets to make are the Any 7 and the Craps 2/12 bets as the house edge for both of these is over 13%. Although the level of risk is reflected in the payout, with the low risk bets paying only even money, over time these will at least see your bankroll in profit if player with strategy.

 Also consider the possibility of removing bets from the table. The Don’t Pass and Don’t Come bets can usually be removed fro the table if the outcome is not decided on the initial roll of the dice. Although this seems like a generous move, this is actually detrimental to the player. The reason behind this is that dice permutations make it more likely for a 7 to be rolled than any other total. This is why the 7 total is the number of choice for the casino to win. As both of these bets win with a 7 total, it makes sense for the casino to let you remove them, as this gives you the advantage.

 Another bet worth noting is the odds bet. When the odds are taken against a Pass Line bet, the house advantage is shaved to around 0.6%. The odds bet means that the casino pays true odds to the player. Therefore, although additional cost is involved, the odds bet increases the amount you are paid out on one of the easiest craps bets to hit. Of course, none of these strategies will work without dedication. Craps is not a game where you can win big immediately.

Players should remember that any craps strategy used must be relied upon consistently and patiently for the end result to be seen and enjoyed.


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