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Basic Craps Rules

As with any casino game, the rules of craps remain the same both online and offline. This continuity make craps a good choice for beginners, as once the rules are memorised, the fun can be enjoyed universally. Of course, there are variations that can be played but these are clearly defined and advertised. Therefore, you should never accidentally find yourself playing a game that you do not understand.

The craps games board is self explanatory, with each bet type clearly marked. Chips are placed on the required area to place a bet. Single roll bets are concluded in the dice roll immediately after the bet has been placed. Multiple roll bets are concluded once a dice roll displays the numbers needed for an outcome, and can take several rolls to be decided. Multiple roll bets can carry over into the next betting round, and stay on the board until they are concluded. Unlike other casino games, the rules of craps in a betting round do not require a table to be cleared before it is begun. Bets can be paced at any time during a betting round

In craps game rules, the betting rounds are indicated by the puck. The puck is set to OFF at the beginning of the round and switches to ON if a point number is established and shows that a round is active. The status of the puck is important as it indicates to the players and the dealers which bets can be placed. The round ends once the point number is rolled, and the puck returns to its original position and OFF status.

The same shooter will roll the dice for the entire betting round. Shooters must roll the dice along the table, and rebound the dice off the backboard for the roll to count. The dice roll is where the action is and the centre of the excitement. Many rolls have slang names which are commonly used such as “easy six” for a 1 and 5, “boxcars” for a pair of sixes, “snake eyes” for a double 1 and “square pair” for a pair of fours.

The dealer will call out the roll and so it is beneficial for the player to learn these terms so that the rolls can be understood when they can not be seen. Once the betting round is complete the role of shooter passes to the next player and they will remain responsible for the dice until this betting round is completed. It is typical for many casinos to pay out any winning bets but leave the original chip on the table, thus effectively placing another bet for you. This is because this it is common for craps players to repeat their bet when following strategy. Players may request their chip before the action continues if they do not want a repeat bet.


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