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Craps Payouts

At first glance with so many different betting opportunities being available on a Craps Table you would be forgiven for thinking you would have to be a maths genius to get your head around the multitude of payouts, odds and the house edge attached to a game of Craps, however it really will pay dividends for you to gain a better understanding of these as by knowing with bets to avoid and which to make you not only will get a better chance of a winning session but you will also start to enjoy the game more.

To help you understand which bets have the best and worst payouts below you will find a listing of the different payouts on every single bet you can place at the Craps table so give it a good read through!

Payouts v's True Odds

Two of the most popular bets you can place on the Craps Table, are the Pass Line/Come Bet and the odds of the shooter throwing this in are 251 to 244 and the Don't Pass/Don't Come Bet offer true odds of 976 to 949. The standard pay backs you will receive for a successful wager on either of these are even money.

It should be noted that if you place either a Pass Bet or a Don't Come Bet you will be obliged to pay a small house commission on these wagers, with most casinos only charging you this on winning bets, its is worth checking however as some casinos have been known to charge you the house commission when you place the wager irrespective of whether it wins or not.

If you place either of the Pass or Don't Come bets then there are several different numbers that can roll in which will pay you a return, so if you roll in a 4 or 10 the payouts for this wager are 2 to 1, or should the shooter roll in a 5 or 9 then the payback you will receive is 3 to 2, and for the 6 or 8 the odds are 6 to 5.

The opposite of the two above wagers are, not surprisingly the Don’t Pass Bet along with the Don’t Come Bet, you will receive the following payouts based on a successful roll of the dice, a 4 or 10 returns 1 to 2, and the 5 or 9 return a payout of 2 to 3 and the 6 or 8 bets payout at odds of 5 to 6. Once again there is a house commission on these wagers which is the standard 5%.

Moving onto the Field Bet, the actual true odds of rolling this is in are 5 to 4, and when placing this wager you are hoping that any of the following numbers will appear: Either a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12.

The Place Bet will cover three different sets of numbers which are the 4 or 10 the odds of these two appearing are 2 to 1, the 5 or 9 numbers offer odds of 3 to 2 and then you have the 6 or 8 and the true odds for this are 6 to 5.

Some of the bigger paying bets on the Craps Table are the Hardway bets, however you should seriously consider giving these wagers a wide berth as the house edge on most of them are huge, thus making them poor value for money.

These bets which should be avoided are the 6 or 8 as rolling them in is a 10 to 1 shot, as are the 4 or 10 wagers. The One Roll Bets again payout at true odds but you are not likely to see them appearing very often!

Take the Any 7 bet this has odds of 5 to 1, and then we have the any Craps bet which has odds of 8 to 1, with even higher odds the 2 or 12 craps has a return of a huge 35 to 1, and the equally hard to get any 3 craps or 11 wagers pay 17 to 1. A more likely event rolling in is the Big 6 and 8 which has true odds of a more realistic 6 to 5.

Place The Best Type of Wagers

Once you have studied the above odds you should get a better understanding of what the potential returns are on every wager you can place on the Craps game, you will notice a lot of the old timers tend to stick to the bets which offer the lowest returns as these are more likely to appear than others and will keep then in the game for longer.

One common mistake new players tend to make is that they will place their chips all over the layout in the hope that one of the selections will win, much like a novice Roulette player will cover large groups of numbers on the Roulette table,, this is the quick way to the poor house as not all of them numbers are going to appear and even by spreading the risk it can be an expensive move to make.

As we mentioned above make sure than you fully checkout the odds offered when playing at either a land based or even an online casino as often they can vary and some casinos are known for giving Craps players some very poor odds, don't let them get away with it and vote with your feet, insist on playing only at those site which give you real value for money.

If you are a novice player then we invite you to have a good look around our site as we have all the information you will require to help you become a more educated Craps play, checkout the menu at the side of the page as this is where you will find all the information you will need to help improve your understanding of the game of Craps, and hopefully in no time at all you will be playing like a professional! Good luck with all of your Crap Play and enjoy our website.

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