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Improving Craps Odds

The house has the advantage in all casino games. This is fact. But it is possible for a player to manipulate the casinos advantage and shave it down to increase their chances of winning. The only way to do this is to understand the game thoroughly, to make choice betting decisions and to stick to these options in a patient and strategic manner. The shaved edge will eventually pay off in the player’s favour, but only with complete concentration and dedication to continuity.

All of the craps bets favour the casino, as most of them require a 7 for the house to win. The dice total of 7 can be rolled through the biggest number of possible combinations. The fact that it has the most permutations is why most bets have the outcome of 7 in favour of casino. The player can use this to their advantage by choosing to be a wrong bettor, or betting on the side of the casino. However, some bets have better odds than others.

Any bet on the 7 only works as a multi roll bet, and can be done through a Don’t Pass or Don’t Come bet. The any 7 option which is a single roll bet actually has some of the worst odds for the player and so should be avoided. The best wagers to select are the Pass Line, Don’t Pass, Don’t Come and Come bets as they have a house edge of 1.4% and so are considered low risk bets.

Sticking to these low risk bets will increase your bankroll, though this takes time plenty of time and patience. The casino only pays them out at even money because of the higher chance of the player hitting a winning result. However, the odds of these bets can be improved by taking the odds bets also. The odds bets ensure that players are paid out at true odds, and so the player has an increased payout when the low risk bet hits. The additional wager is worth the extra payout and results are seen more rapidly, although again they are visible in the long term.

Players should be wary of certain casino rules also. Casinos allow players to remove their Don’t Pass and Don’t Come bets if the initial dice roll has not concluded the bet. However, the consequences are this; as they then each require a 7 to be rolled and the 7 has the most possible dice permutations, it would be unwise to remove the bet. Leaving the bet live has better chances of seeing winning outcomes over a period of time.

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