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Recommended Mobile Casino for US players

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Mobile Craps

We knew it would not be long before the online casino software companies started to turn their attention to the virtually untapped mobile phone market, and it didn't take them very long to design and make available through apps and downloads a range of casino games which can be played on a variety of mobile devices.

The majority of the online casinos that we have listed here on the Craps Fan website now have a stand alone mobile casino where you can play a range of games from Slots to Craps to Blackjack and Video Poker.

You need to visit any of their websites and follow the links for the mobile sites and once you are there simply enter you mobile or cellphone number into the box on the screen and then in a couple of seconds they will sent you a SMS or MMS push message which you simply need to follow and you will then be able to download directly on to your mobile device the casino games you wish to play.

Just like in an online casino when playing at a mobile Craps site you can either play free of charge or you can play for real money, the added advantage of using your mobile to play is that you can often make a deposit into the site without the need to give your debit or credit card details, you will be able to get your casino credits billed to your mobile phone bill, but make sure you gamble responsibly.

Below we have listed several different types of mobiles and mobile devices which all can be used to play mobile casino games, so no matter which phone or device you have you will soon be able to play where ever you are!

Craps on iPhones

Apple really are at the forefront of mobile technology and with the launch of their latest models the iPhone4 and iPhone4s they have revolutionized the way people look at and use their phones.

Although we doubt they have casino game players in mind when they developed these products they play extremely well on them and as the graphics are spot on you will have plenty of fun and entertainment playing casino games on your iPhone.

People are often worried about running up huge bills due to data restrictions, however depending on which package you have these costs could be negligible, but if you are worried about such things then check with your network operator to get an exact costing.

As iPhones become even more advanced we expect to see even more casino games being launched so keep your eyes peeled for the latest new games which will be announced on any of our featured casinos websites.

If you're a user of an older iPhone such as the iPhone 3g or iPhone 3gs you still have a fantastic phone, more than powerful enough to run casino games and fully supported by the big name mobile casino operators.

Craps on Android Phone

With Google being such a massive company and always looking to expand it was almost guaranteed that they would enter the mobile communication industry and this is exactly what they have done with their Android phone.

Whilst admittedly they haven't been as successful as they first thought due to competition between phone manufacturers being what it is they do have an excellent product which once you get used to it you have plenty of unique apps at your finger tips.

Their Android phone has been developed using their know how of many different applications and should you be looking to play mobile Craps or in fact any casino game then you will be pleased to hear that you can do that and it will take a couple of minutes to get yourself registered once you have loaded the casino software App.

The latest generation of Android powered phones from companies such as Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericcson and LG make perfect devices for mobile casino gaming so if you own a smartphone such as the HTC Wildfire or one of the phones from the Samsung Galaxy range, for example, then you've got everything you need to play craps whenever and wherever you want.

Craps on Blackberry Phone

There was a time when anyone who was anyone wanted or had a Blackberry, and they have become one of the most used mobile devices of all time with millions of users all over the world preferring to use these state of the art devices which really have stood the test of time and offer a new way of using your phone thanks to their many different features.

With millions of users this means that online casinos have millions of potential customers so as you would expect you can now play a whole host of casino games on your Blackberry and they do actually play excellently on these mobile devices thanks to the compatibility and sturdiness of the product.

You can play all of your favourite casino games on your Blackberry and these games include Blackjack, Craps and Baccarat and for all you slot machine players out there the list of slot games grows almost daily with lots of your online favourites now being developed and made compatible for Blackberries.

Feel free to visit any of our approved casinos as they all have stand alone mobile phone casinos and getting the games loaded and ready to play on your Blackberry won't take long and then you can hit those slots or table games and play for free or win real money by using the real money mode.

Craps Windows 7 Phone

Microsoft are another of the big names that have ventured into the mobile phone marketplace and as you would expect their products come with the popular Windows 7 platform already loaded and installed on them.

If you have ever played at an online casino then you will no doubt know just how good these games play when using any windows operating system and this is very true for their mobile phones which make them an ideal way to play all manner of casino games.

Windows phones such as the Nokia Lumi 800 and Lumi 900, HTC Titan, HTC Morzart, LG Optimus and Samsung Omnia 7 are all highly capable devices on which users can enjoy a quality mobile casino gaming experience.

The software needed to run the casino games is available to download completely free of charge and once installed you have the option to play for free or for real money, so if you have a Windows 7 phone then why not give some of these mobile casinos a try.

If you are unsure if you model of phone will work with any casino game then for a complete and definitive listing of each manufacturers different models and to find out whether casino games can be loaded onto them visit any of the casinos dotted around our site as that is where you will find all this information.

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