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Winning at Casino Craps

There is an art to playing and more importantly winning at Craps, and whilst luck will play a major part on whether you will have a winning or losing session there are several other factors that should be considered to ensure any losses are kept to an absolute minimum and when you hit a winning streak you should be able to lock in a profit.

In this part of the Craps Fan website we shall look at how anyone can win at Craps and reveal how players can control their bankrolls in the hope of limiting their losses, so if you want to increase your overall chances of walking away a winner then keep on reading to find out how it is done.

Boosting Your Bankroll

Before you start to play there are several ways in which you can increase your bankroll, online Craps players should shop around to track down the best casino bonuses which are offered by every online casino, new players can do extremely well in regards to receiving the best bonuses and with literally thousands of online casinos eager for your business you can boost even a modest bankroll by two or three times it value simply by signing up and depositing at a site you haven't played before by taking advantage of their 100% or 200% welcome bonuses.

Some casinos have been known to give away no deposit required welcome bonuses to get you to sign up to their casino, however which such bonuses you are often limited to the amount of money you can withdraw if you win, so always ensure you read through the terms and conditions of any Craps bonuses you are thinking of taking.

Comp and Loyalty schemes run by both online and land based casinos are another way for you to increase the value of your bankroll, make sure you are a member of the respective casinos scheme before you start to play. Once you do start to play at that venue every time you have a wager for real money you will be earning loyalty or comp points which can be swapped for cash when you have earned enough of these points.

Also some casinos will offer you an additional bonus simply for depositing using one particular method, so if you have the chance to deposit using that listed method then do just that as these bonuses can often add 10% or more to your initial deposit amount and often they are on top of any other bonus you have claimed.

Finally look out for cash back bonus offers, if you have been having a particularly bad gambling session and end up losing these cash back promotions which are usually held on certain days of the week are a good way to get something back, so once again have a good look around and compare offers from the sites you are thinking of play at as there is some tremendous value on offer.

Winning Craps Strategy

One thing that all Craps players should do, if they want to increase their chances of being a winning, is to ensure they have in place a good Craps playing strategy, and this must be in place before you start to play and not simply made up as you go along! Everything you do wager wise at the Craps table should be related the your bankroll, and we shall shall give you a few pointers on how you can install into your game play a good Craps strategy with the hope of locking in a profit or limiting your potential losses.

When you have got your bankroll sorted out you need to work out a unit stake which will be a percentage of your bankroll. So if you are going to sit down and play with 200.00 then you should divide this bankroll by 100, so in effect you will be playing using a unit stake of 2.00. By doing this you will have enough in your kitty to play at least 100 games if you do not have one winning roll.

You then need to work out both a stop loss limit and also a stop win limit,. the former is going to be the amount you are prepared to walk away with if you are having a bad session, a sensible figure to use is 50% of your bankroll amount, so if you have as in our example above 200.00 to play with then you must tell yourself that you will walk away from the table should you get to a point where you have lost 100.00, it can be hard to do this when you are playing Craps but experience will teach you it is better to walk away with something left in your pocket than nothing at all!

You also need to work out a win limit or a winning goal amount, now the most savvy and experienced Craps playing will know that you can go on long winning streak when playing this gambling game so it is vital that you know what you win limit is and always try to stick to it to guarantee that you will be in profit when the dice have been rolling your way.

A good figure to be aiming at is to aim for a win goal of 50% of your stake so with our example of 200.00 if your bankroll increases by 100.00 then you should stop playing and walk away.

However some players will, once their bankroll increases by 50%, they will then move their original bankroll plus half of the 50% increase out of the game and continue to play with the other half of the winnings, this allows them to both lock in a profit and carry on playing to ride out any winning streak they may be having.

Once you have mastered the fine art of knowing when to stop playing by using stop loss and win goal limits you will never walk away from the Craps table with nothing.

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