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How to Play Craps

Mention the craps game and you are guaranteed to see a shudder go down most people’s spine as it is seen to be one of the most complicated casino games around. Is it really easy to learn to play craps? In reality, however, it is easy to learn and offers fantastic play on a variety of levels. Through a combination of single and multiple roll bets, the craps table is both glamorous and exciting. Single roll bets are decided by the next roll of the dice whereas multiple roll bets can need several roll before being completed. Read on to learn how to play craps.

The craps game is simple to understand as the bets that can be placed are clearly marked on the table. There are no additional or hidden bets and the starting point for any new player is to understand the layout and the dice rolls. All decisions in craps are made by dice rolls, and the position of shooter passes around the table and lasts for a whole betting round. The craps game rounds are shown by a puck which says either ON or OFF. If the puck is OFF, then the next roll is the Come Out roll. If the puck is ON then it is a point roll. The round is finished when the puck returns to OFF. This is important to understand as the status of the puck determines which bets you can place.

When the puck is OFF the only bets that can be placed are the Pass Line and Don’t Pass bets. They can only be played on the Come Out roll and are placed on the marked areas of the craps table. Effectively, these bets play against each other. If a 7 or 11 are rolled immediately then the Pass Line bet wins, and the Don’t Pass bet loses. If a 2 or 3 are rolled then the Pass Line bet loses and the Don’t Pass bet wins. If a 12 is rolled then the Pass Line bet loses but the Don’t Pass bet draws and the chip is returned.

Any other bet means that a point is established. Once the point is established, the puck moves above that point and is turned to ON. The Pass Line bet will now win if the point number is rolled, and lose if a seven is rolled; the outcome is the exact opposite for the Don’t Pass bet. This is why you will never see any craps player placing these two bets simultaneously. Once a point is established, the puck will be turned to ON and will sit above the point. This indicates to players that all other bets can now be placed.

The most popular of these are the Come and Don’t Come bets. The Come Bet follows the same craps instructions as a Pass Line and the Don’t Come mirrors the Don’t Pass bet. However, these bets can only be played when the puck is ON. The initial roll is determined in the same way, but the Come and Don’t Come bets will move to the point established on their initial roll to indicate what is needed for the outcome to be decided. These bets can be placed on any points roll and so you will see there is lots of action with these bets. These bets are not affected by the puck.

Once the number that the puck marks is rolled, all Pass Line and Don’t Pass bets will be decided and the puck will return to OFF with the craps betting round complete. However, any undecided Come and don’t Come bets will remain on the table. This is why it is important to look at the status of the puck when joining any table. There are many other bets going on around these four main bets, but this is the best place to start as these are the most complicated bets but also the most essential rules to learn how to play craps. Once you have mastered these you can go on to read about other bets that can be placed.


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