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Craps Games

Much like the casino game of Blackjack, Craps has several different variants and whilst some of the more exotic games are rarely seen these days it is good to know how they work and play, so below we have listed a few different types of Craps game which you may come across.

It is also worth pointing out that what may appear to be a standard Craps game offered by both online and land based casinos may have little differences in place from venue to venue and these can often be the payouts you receive for winning bets or even the house commission amount that you have to pay for certain winning bets, so it pays dividends for players to check these facts and figures out before they start to play to ensure they are getting the best value.

Die Rich Craps

Due to a casino Craps table taking up so much room on a casino floor a new game has been designed for those venues which have limited space available, and this game is Die Rich Craps.

The game is relatively simple to play and understand however it uses a much small table than the standard game of Craps and the main difference is that it only uses one single dice instead of the industry standard two dice.

Due to there only being one dice in play there are some major differences to the payout structure and game play structure as several of the betting propositions are no longer available which you using one single dice.

Whilst it is debateable whether this version of Die Rich Craps is any better than a normal game, should you find yourself craving to play it then spend a little while studying the table layout to ensure you know how the payouts and pay backs work and you will soon get a grip on the game.

California Craps

You are not going to find many places either online or at a land based venue that offer the game of California Craps as players tend to prefer the standard game of Craps however there are some major differences between this game and the one you will find in most land based casinos.

The first thing that you are going to notice is that instead of two dice being in play there is just the one single dice in play however instead of the second dice a deck of cards is used and one card will be dealt to represent the missing dice.

We should point out however that the deck or decks of cards in play have all the 7 cards and above removed from them therefore the only cards which are still in play are the Aces through to the Sixes.

The odds of you getting dealt our certain cards as opposed to rolling in certain numbers by using the cards instead of the dice are identical, but only if the card that has been dealt is then replaced into the deck which should then be shuffled.

If this card which has been dealt out is not replaced to the deck when the next game begins then the odds of getting dealt certain numbers will change, much like in a game of Blackjack where cards which are dealt out can mean a card counter will be able to evaluate whether he stands a better chance of winning or not.

However you will find the game does play and pay the same as a standard game of Craps when the cards are replaced and shuffled before a new game commences. Whether you will like this version is purely down to yourself.

Crapless craps

You will see the game of Crapless Craps advertised at some land based casinos and the way it is promoted is that players will stand a better chance of winning as they can never lose their wager on the Pass bet on the Come Out Roll.

The way in which this works that if any number should roll in which is not a 7 then that particular number is deemed to instantly be the Point number and as such your wager will not lose no matter what.

However for all of you wondering there is a price to pay for this Crapless Craps rule and that is that the number 11 is no longer an instant winner when you bet on this wager as it become the Point and needs to be rolled in again.

So is the game a better one that the standard version? Well giving up what is deemed to be a guaranteed winner (number 11) looks and is a bad deal for punters, so we would not advice you to rush to play this game when the standard version is available!

Street Craps

There are no prizes for guessing where about you play the game of Street Craps! You are of course playing it on the street with the path or pavement being the table. The other thing is that players are betting amongst themselves instead of the casino covering the bets.

There are no casino chips in play during Street Craps instead players use real money to place and cover each others bets, whilst playing most gambling games is illegal in most towns and cities the die hard players will always be willing to give each other a game.

However as with any street gambling game which is played you are always going to come across people who are prepared to do whatever they can to cheat and therefore win, so cheating at Street Craps is widespread and you should avoid playing it unless you know the people you are playing it with or playing it just for fun!

For the game play rules of the standard game of Craps have a good look around our website as we have all the information, hints and playing tips available that can help you improve your game and hopefully become a much better player, so have a good look around and enjoy your visit to Craps Fan.

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