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Craps Dice Control

There is much speculation around the success and ability of players to perform craps dice control. It is certainly something that land based casinos watch for, to prevent players from manipulating the casino edge unfairly. Craps dice control is only an option when playing live as online craps games rely on a random number generator for results, and these can not be manipulated.

Importance of the Shooter
The entire game of craps is based on the outcome of the dice rolls and so the shooter plays an important role within the game. The standard rules require the role of shooter to last for one betting round, and then it passes in a clockwise direction to the next player at the table. The shooter rolls the dice against a backboard and the total of the dice face once they have rebounded decides the outcome of the bets. Nothing other than the dice can influence the outcome of the bets, and so it is no wonder that dice manipulation is attempted by some players.

The Hold
Central to the idea of dice control is the way in which the dice are held. The main methods used by a dice cheat are the lock grip and blanket roll. The lock grip is when the crapshooter holds the dice firmly in a specific way whilst appearing to be shaking them as required by the rules. Specific numbers are facing each other, reducing the chances of numbers that are not wanted from being rolled, putting the shooter at an advantage.

The Grip
The blanket grip is used alongside this and refers to the way in which the dice are rolled. Rolled gently or onto a soft surface, the dice can be manipulated to only turn on a single axis. As the lock grip enables certain numbers to be eliminated from the roll, then this assists by reducing the house edge even further. For instance, if a 6 and 1 are facing each other on a lock grip, then theoretically the craps numbers can not be rolled.

The Roll
Dice control is also known as rhythm rolling because players using this method believe they have developed a rhythmic way of holding and throwing the dice which is advantageous to their game. However, the plausibility of this is disputable; if it was that easy everyone would be doing it and all craps player would be rich. In addition, casino conditions mean that sift surfaces are not an option and both dealers and other players alike are on the lookout for people who are manipulating their chances of winning.

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