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Cheating At Craps

Knowing how people cheat at Craps is going to ensure you are never going to be victim to such a scam, whilst casinos always try to keep on step ahead of people who cheat players also need to know how these scams work as they can also lose money when someone is cheating. In this section of the Craps Fan website we shall take a look at how people cheat, scam and defraud casinos when playing Craps and by giving it a good read through you will be forewarned and forearmed with the information and will know what to look out for!

We should point out that cheating in any form at either an online or land based casino is illegal so please do not be tempted to try any of the schemes listed below as you may find yourself in deep water if you are caught trying to cheat when you play Craps!

Dodgy Dice

The dice which are tossed by the shooter during the game is Craps is the main part of the Craps table and it is these which need to be perfect and un-tampered with to ensure both the casino and the players are getting a fair game.

Craps cheats will try and get into the game a pair of gaffed dice which will enable them to be guaranteed a winner, the methods used for tampering with the dice are quite simple, they get hold of some casino dice and then place tiny weights in certain parts of the dice which will ensure that when they are thrown they will land in certain positions.

The dice will tend to roll with the weighted sides facing downwards and this is where a cheater can make a lot of money by betting on the numbers they know will roll in. Getting a pair of casino dice is relatively simple, the hardest part is getting them into play at the casino Craps table without being noticed.

With sleight of hand and nerves of steel a scam artist will be able to quickly get them into the game, place several winning wagers then get them out of the game again quickly by swapping them back for the original dice, it often requires several people working as a team to attempt to distract the casino staff whilst the pull off this scam.

Casinos however are very well versed on how this scam works and operates and they are constantly checking the dice to ensure their real dice have not been swapped so expect the casino staff to constantly check the dice and occasionally put a new set of them into play whilst removing those previously used.

Chip Stealers

With the Craps table being such a busy and hectic place some Scamsters have turned their attention to robbing chips from their fellow players, this is where a player really does need to be on their guard as in seconds they can lose their chip stacks to a Scamsters if they are not keeping their eyes on their chips.

Most people when playing any casino table game will keep their chips piled up in front of them and will then place their chips onto the layout when required too, however it is when the player is placing their chips that a chip stealer will pounce.

Carefully snatching chips from a players chip stack when the player is otherwise busy is going to enable a robber to get away with your chips before you notice, so always keep cash chips in your pocket and only have playing chips in front of you.

If you do notice anyone who is too close for comfort or actually see someone stealing chips from either yourself, the casino or your fellow players then have a quiet word with the casino staff or security staff and leave it to them to sort out, which they will do.

Dealers Overpaying

The biggest losses a casino are going to suffer is when a Scamster or team of Scamsters are working with a casino employee to defraud the game of Craps. There are usually four staff at each and every Craps table and if the employee whose task it is to pay out winning bets its corrupt then it can cost a casino dear!

They will simply over pay winning players. these players being part of the scam and as they are in on the scam they will not be alerting anyone to the fact that every time they win they are getting more chips as payment for their winning bet that they should.

There are systems in place to ensure that the payouts are double checked by other casino employees such as the pit boss, however at busy times of the day these security procedures often break down as the staff are busy and often doing several jobs all at the same time.

There are always several ways to over pay a player without the pit bosses or eyes in the sky noticing one of these ways is by using a chip cup. This is simply a cup which on the outside looks like a pile of low value chips, the casino employee who is tasked with paying out winners simply inserts, unnoticed into this cup a stack of high value chips which he then pays out when the Scamster has a winning bet.

The pit boss sees a stack of low value chips and ok's the payout and then the Scamster when he has been paid out this chip cup simply places it along with the high value chips in his pocket and the casino suffers the loss.

The moral of the above stories is trust no one at a Craps table, if you are playing with your hard earned money then make sure you realize that people are prepared to rob you of it, and make sure you treat your casino chips as cash and never let them out of your sight, it only takes a second for someone to snatch them off you when you are not looking.

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