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Blackjack At The Lucky Nugget

If you love online blackjack then you will also love the UK Lucky Nugget online casino if for no other reason than there are at least 28 different versions of the game that you can play in your browser widow and if you choose to download the casino to your computer, there are even more.

One feature that you can find on several of the games is the option of viewing basic strategy for that particular game. You can even make adjustments to it if you wish. In fact if you can't be bothered with looking at the basic strategy charts yourself, you can choose to automatically play according to basic strategy. You simply set the number of deals you wish to play or set the amount of money you wish to win and then stop playing, and hit play.

Some of the blackjack games are quite complex and involve side bets, hands in which all the tens have been removed, multi-hand games and so on. If you are not used to any particular game, then you are advised to learn it using practice money. Once you are sufficiently confident in your abilities, you just hit a button to start playing for real.

Online blackjack is one of the fairest online games you will come across. This is because your chances of winning are more or less the same as those of the casino. The casino might have a little edge, but only a fraction of the edge on most other UK casino games. Perhaps it is time to pop back to the UK casino to see how we have been getting on. We set up 50 automatic play deals on high Streak Blackjack with side bets and just let it get on with the game. It looks like we just about broke even this time; perhaps we should tweak the strategy a little.


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